Sunday, 26 May 2013

Feeling Inspired!

I spent this afternoon at the Saltaire Arts Trail, which the whole family enjoyed. The art displays (inside people's homes!) were of an uber-high standard and it was clear that the artists had put everything they could into their work. Our daughter had a great time trying out several of the (many) activities for children and we had to drag her away at the end!
Moving away from art (although I'd argue writing is an art) I attended a recent author talk at Cleckheaton Library. The author was Mandasue Heller and although her genre and style isn't my usual read I left feeling thoroughly inspired. If ever there was someone who had triumphed over adversity, it was her. And not only has she kept her wicked sense of humour but she was full of encouragement and useful tips for would-be authors such as myself.
And, thanks to my daughter's curiousity and sense of fun, I've been rediscovering my youth through our music collection. Listening to some of these amazing songs has reminded me of my lifelong passion for music which (for reasons I won't go into) I had all but forgotten until recently. She also makes me dance - she won't take no for an answer and now I seem to spend at least 15 minutes of every day singing and dancing with her like a giddy teenager!
These are just three things which have inspired me in recent weeks - things which have helped to spur me on with my final draft which is now (gasp) two-thirds done. I feel as if I'm winning at last and think I should have it finished well before Wimbledon (my self-imposed deadline).
If you've had an inspirational experience (or three) recently, especially one which has helped you with your writing, I'd love to hear about it!

Nicola Taylor - Music for Those Who Listen