Monday, 27 February 2012

The Scent of Spring

At last our house is back on the market (for the third time) - I really hope we get the place sold before the spring ends. So far, our new agents seem better than the other two and we're both feeling optimistic, so let's hope they deliver the goods!
We're also going to view a couple of houses this weekend, one of which looks promising - it's a good price and ticks most of our boxes - but I find you never really know whether you could / would want to live in a house until you've stepped though the door.
But, even though I can't say why, I've a feeling this is going to be a much better year for us.
Bar the odd day here and there, I've continued to make progress on my book, having now written 41 chapters and a bit, bringing the total wordcount to approximately 60K! I know there is at least one chapter which I'm going to completely rewrite as I'm not at all happy with it, but before I do that I'm determined to finish the (bleep!) story. Something tells me there's going to be more than one book - there's no way they can complete their entire quest otherwise. I'd just really like to get it finished this year!


  1. 60k words is amazing and the story is fabulous - it really grabs you and makes you want to read on. Fingers crossed for the house - both of them.

  2. Thanks Karen (x 2!) - sorry for the slow reply I don't visit my own blog very often!!