Friday, 3 February 2012

Chug chug

Well I've written 17 days out of the last 18 (every day bar yesterday) and I'm now part-way through chapter 36. The book was never intended to be anywhere near this long and I suspect some serious editing will be needed at the next stage. But I reckon it's better to have too much and cut it down and than have too little and have to pad it out.
R and I have been out and about plenty although mainly indoors thanks to the sub-zero weather. I've also been to pilates twice in two weeks and am determined to keep at it.
Oh, and the washing machine blew up on Tuesday. So I have been driving up and down the road every day to use my parents' machine while they are on holiday! And this Saturday I am going to be mostly cleaning the other house. We have fallen way behind. partly due to the boiler packing up and having to get it fixed last weekend. Once I've finished it's going to sparkle and shine and someone will fall in love with it and buy it instantly (in my dreams!) Seriously though it's looking great and there's not a great deal more that can be done to it. Here's hoping that the housing market picks up in February and we can start looking for a proper family home at long last.


  1. Writing 17 days out of 18, you put me to shame. Fingers crossed for the house x

  2. Thanks Karen! Fingers crossed indeed x