Monday, 14 January 2013

The Scariest Prospect of All

So, my search for a literary agent has begun. I sent out the first 6,000(ish) words, synopsis and covering letter to an agent who is currently looking for the sort of thing I've just written. Now all I have to do is wait. It could take up to 8 weeks for a reply and I've never been good at being patient. I'll just have to keep myself busy in the meantime and hope the time goes quickly. On the other hand, if she doesn't like / want it, will I be able to take the rejection? The pessimistic half of me wants the time to go slowly and the optimistic half of me wants it to go quickly! But if she says no, then there are always other agents. And in two and a bit weeks I'll find out whether I've got anywhere in the Write Now competition. In the meantime I'm waiting for two young critics to get back to me with their opinions on the opening chapters - and for me that is the scariest prospect of all!


  1. All too familiar worries and doubts, stay strong. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Suzanne I'll try! Btw I just sent my MS to a second agent and got some detailed feedback - looks like I've still got a fair bit of work to do but she's willing to read a revised version!