Thursday, 26 January 2012

Slow progress

Well, I've been writing every day for the past eleven days, so that's something to shout about. However, my daily word output seems to be gradually diminishing! I'm making slow progress on the book, and am positively crawling towards the end of chapter 33. It's funny how the words just flow some days and hardly come at all on others, but I think (I hope!) this is quite normal.
But, before the month is out, I've GOT to write R's thank you cards. This Saturday, I have to clean and 'prettify' (okay, this may be another of my made-up words!) our 'other house' and get it back on the market. But, at least we have lots of socialising to look forward to from Sunday onwards :o) And the days are finally getting longer; yes, yes, I know they have been doing that since December 22nd, but it's only now that it's become apparent, to me anyway!
I've just started pilates classes, and I am determined to get my neglected yoga practise kick-started again, until I regain my pre-pregnancy abs, dammit. I've been out walking with the pushchair twice this week and have another walk lined up this Sunday, weather permitting. I love cold, windy days - sounds mad but I think it really does blow away the cobwebs. Onwards and upwards!

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