Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chapter 30

At long last I have finished writing chapter 30! It seems a funny place to get stuck, but I suppose the mind often works in mysterious ways. I'm still not sure how many more chapters there will be - I originally thought that 25 chapters would be about right, but I was clearly wrong! I'm sure I will have to later take out a few bits anyway, to make the story flow better, and I'll be adding in some descriptive details, so it will end up a completely different length once the first draft has been revised. According to all the books on writing that I've read, I'm still doing the 'easy part', which is a little worrying! If I could get the first draft done before the end of this month it would be nice. If I could get an old-fashioned housekeeper to take care of the household chores, then I reckon it would be do-able! Seriously though, I realise I need to pace myself and stop trying to race ahead all the time. But it helps to have a challenge.
The other challenge is solving our living situation, which unfortunately hasn't changed. Our 'other house' is currently undergoing a makeover - it's been a bit of an obsession of mine lately and taken a lot of organising, but it seems to be taking shape at last. By the time we've finished we're hoping it will be snapped up by one of the first viewers. If we can just get it finished and marketed by the end of the pressure then!

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