Saturday, 21 January 2012

Going great guns

I've just had a really productive week on the writing front, with 32 chapters now under my belt plus several more ideas re. plot and character development, and scene setting. If I can only keep this up for a week or two longer, I might even finish the first draft before Valentine's Day! I know I shouldn't get too upset if I don't achieve this, but I find I have to set myself a goal to work towards or my motivation just goes out of the window.
On a completely different note, until I get published, I'm still looking for part-time work and think I may have a possible lead on that front. I would have to pay for my own training and be self-employed, but, as I've always wanted to be my own boss, this isn't a problem. It mainly depends on how much my earnings would be and whether I can still spend enough time with my daughter. It would be good to have paid employment of some kind until I can get myself established as a writer.
Well, it's time to start R's bedtime routine, so I'd better sign off now.


  1. Drafting up to Chapter 32 is an amazing achievement and in answer to your question, I would love you to send all of the chapters to me because I can't wait to read them. Also can't wait to hear all about the job opportunity - see you on Monday :)

    1. Thanks Karen :o) I'm chugging my way through them, although I realise they will need a lot of work to get them up to scratch. I'll tell you all about the job opp on Monday :o)