Thursday, 2 January 2014

JaNoWriMo - Day 1

Okay so it's 2nd January but NaNo is 30 days so... Anyway, the good news is not only have I started with an hour's writing blitz but also two members of Cleckheaton Writer's Group will be joining me on my JaNoWriMo journey!

N, L and I will be keeping each other updated and motivated with regular email updates on our progress. L is aiming to do 30-40K words by the end of January to complete the first draft of her YA fantasy and I've pledged to do a minimum of one hour's solid writing per day. As I'm doing this draft longhand I've decided it's easier to count pages and time the writing rather than count words.

So, my goal is to write for a minimum of 30 hours on my latest story during January, after which I'll type it up and do a word count. I also promise to post regular updates on our progress.

And if you fancy joining us, just let me know!

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