Wednesday, 15 January 2014

JaNoWriMo - Day 14

And so we've reached the two-week mark! The good news is, despite a few setbacks, we're all still making progress on our respective projects. So far I've managed to write every day - even on the worst days I managed 30 minutes and on the best days I wrote for 1 hour 20 minutes straight. L has almost finished her first draft which stands at almost 69K (wow!) and N is tackling the second short story in his trilogy. In fact, we're feeling so positive that L and I have pledged to continue into February.

TIP: I've found that keeping each other updated on a daily basis has really helped to keep us motivated and I'd recommend this kind of challenge to anyone who might otherwise find it difficult to write every day.


  1. Sounds great! Keep it up! Any writing time grabbed during a day is time well spent -- even if the next day you delete it all. Seriously.

    1. Thanks Barbara! Yes, you're quite right - better to get the words down, even if most of it's rubbish, there's usually something in there that's good enough to escape the delete key :)