Monday, 20 January 2014

JaNoWriMo - Day 19

This image says it all. In fact I'm half tempted to have it framed and hung on my wall!
So, you may (or may not) have been wondering how our merry trio has been getting on with our JaNo challenge? Well, the really good news is that L has finished her first draft! I'm soooo pleased for her as it's the very first time she's done this - what a brilliant achievement! :) As for me, I'm still chugging away, averaging an hour's writing a day (not including all the historical research!) and feel my main characters are starting to become real. It's quite weird when that happens, especially for my husband. I'll suddenly mention a character and what's just happened to him/her and he thinks I'm talking about a real person - you'd think he might have got used to it by now! Thankfully he's a very tolerant man :) As for our third JaNo member, due to family commitments N hasn't made any further progress on his second short story, but he has promised he will finish it AND a third story by the end of January, so watch this space!


  1. Great image! I talk about characters with my family at the supper table and they all sigh or eye roll. :-)

    1. Thanks Barbara I'm glad you like it :) Re. discussing characters with non-writers - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to do it and get sighs, eye rolls or similar! I also get "You do know they aren't real don't you?" accompanied by a concerned look!